Personalized Service and Highest Quality! That’s our Mission.

Car Luxury Fashion is your personal specialist to make beautiful cars even more extraordinary and customize them to your individual wants.

More than seven years ago the founder spotted this trend, improved and developed it continuously.

Today car wrapping is an important part in the process of choosing the car that suits you best.

With the proviso of highest quality and individuality our team gives your car the perfecty fitting suit – Tailor Made by CLF.

Numerous professional soccer player, well-known actors and successful managers had their luxury cars been personalized by us already.

Our customers rely on the professionalism, reliability and personal way of the Car Luxury Fashion Team.

We offer all customers an awesome automotive experience on the highest level of professionalism and individuality.


Quality - Individuality - Durabilty

Every product we offer is selected carefully in order to protect your investment to the

perfectly in terms of appearance, long-lastingness and product quality. Still we do not stop here.

Car styling

Car wrapping is far more than an alternative to painting. It’s the perfect way to personalize and individualize your luxury car completely according to your ideas. Not only a change of color is possible, we can also create every motive or pattern to apply it on your car. Further more you can safe money and protect the value of your car.

Stone protection

Car manufacturer are obliged to use water-base paints to protect the environment by legal requirements. This effects the paint in terms of being less resistant against scratches and other damages. Our paint protection film is specially developed to give long-term protection.

Rim design

CLF develops innovative and creative designs for your car to make your dreams of truly extraordinary cars come true. Foil can be printed with each and every idea you have, which makes everything possible.

Be individual. Be extraordinary. Be you.

Individual concept

Furthermore there are a number ways such as 3-D optics, varying trimmings techniques and a wide range of materials that open up possibilities nearly to infinity. We put perfection into every detail no matter how small it is and provide you with the best result. We will make your dreams of a truly extraordinary cars come true.